The Nissan Juke – A little bit ‘out there’

The Juke may not have a reputation as one of the best looking cars on the market but it is a little bit ‘different’, both in terms of styling and technology.

The Juke is classed as a Mini Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), and it does have a rather bizarre shape. The same styling can be found on the inside too, and there are custom coloured panels, depending on the colour you choose, and a swanky infotainment system allowing you to connect to maps, create phone calls and park your vehicle safely.

You also get a great deal of efficiency, while you can tailor the way your car drives, with a dynamic drive system, allowing you to select normal, sport or eco mode, while adjusting various settings. The Juke is a fun car and while it may not be taken very seriously in the SUV category, it is a good crossover vehicle, and it’s one many people are buying.