ADAS and Headlights – Car Safety Features

Many top car brands are now offering advanced driver safety systems, or ADAS, on their vehicles. These are designed to make people safer on the roads, transforming the driving experience for everyone. Headlights are one of the latest areas to make use of ADAS, with various features coming onto the market.

Headlights are usually manually controlled, but with an ADAS, they may be controlled automatically depending on road conditions. For example, they might get brighter on very dark stretches of road, or they might dim automatically if another car is in the vicinity, meaning the driver won’t be dazzled. This is all controlled by a camera, which will automatically update and control the vehicle.

The main thing to remember with an ADAS is to look after it, as regular reconfiguration will ensure it is working to its full potential and can assist you properly and safely as a car driver.